I am sitting here today in my first week of true emptiness – no job, no school,  no one telling me what to do when anymore. While this is extremely liberating, it is also very heavy. How many of us (me included) have said that if we ‘only didn’t have this responsibility or this one, or this one’ we would finally be free to do those things we have always wanted to? I challenge you to ask that question to yourself. Despite a lot of ego work around dissociating my true self with my career and my outward self (career, education, opinions), having this blank slate in front of me is not easy.  I recently read a book called “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra that I highly recommend.  In it he asks a simple question:

If you knew you could have it all and do anything you wanted, what would you choose to have and what would you choose to do?

My work over the next few days is to hold this seemingly simple question and see what comes out of it.  Life is fluid and always changing – its quite possible that the answer to this question will change every day. Another example of how the question is often much more important than the answer.

One thought on “Emptiness

  1. Keith,

    thanks for the email. I’m just getting started and going to work my way from the beginning to the current page. I envy you your freedom to be able to go on such a quest. What I learned from you, is you need to be responsible to yourself before retiring to the responsibilities of others, spouse, family, etc. I suspect when you are done with this journey, you will be at the beginning of your life.


    P.S. (approximately) How soon until you get to Thailand? I still owe you the contact information for my friend Chumpon Sirinavin. He and I went through flight school together.

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