Is the grass greener?

As I begin to plan my trip abroad, I find myself fantasizing about opportunities that may present themselves throughout my journey. Career opportunities, spiritual growth, friendships to name a few. Is this more of an escape mechanism than reality?  This is something I have been struggling with for almost a year when the idea of such a trip began to develop.  Of course one can find everything right where they are, right now. But as I look at my past I find that the biggest character developing moments and opening experiences have occurred when I am out of my comfort zone, typically away from home.

Sometimes we become so mired in our foundations and patterns that it becomes easier to just push it all away and start from scratch. I often liken this to a housekeeping for the mind.  Just as you have two options to clean your room – from the inside, slowly examining each item and determining whether to keep it or remove it, OR, taking everything out of the room at once, starting with an empty room and then slowly adding back the important items.  I’ve always found the latter allows for a more tidy room (mind).  There is actually a third method that doesn’t work at all.  *Thinking* about housekeeping but not actually doing anything about it. That’s where I’ve been lately.

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