Be a tourist in your home town

Yesterday I spent the day as I often do when I’m alone in foreign cities – riding my bike, walking, people watching and just generally exploring. I meditated in the park, read half of a book at a quaint coffee shop and played a few minutes of pick up basketball in a park I never even noticed before.  Its interesting how quickly we fall into patterns in our own cities and miss so much!  I recently read two great articles that inspired me to look at my own town anew:

How to Travel at Home

7 Steps for Creating an In-Town Vacation

My biggest struggle is relinquishing the need to feel ‘accomplished’ and productive each day as I have been the vast majority of my life.  I’ve been so patterned by corporate america that I know it won’t be a quick transition.  Watching parents with their children, homeless people by the creek and independently wealthy people go about their business served as a good reminder – its not all about ambition and linear success.  Sometimes its a simple as stopping to smell the roses…

2 thoughts on “Be a tourist in your home town

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  2. How cool, I just did exactly that yesterday! I too am a yoga teacher and I decided after many days of teaching and all too little time out…to take one…two…three…yes, full days off. I wasn’t entirely successful at not “doing” around the house, even in my attempts to sit in the grass outside, take long walks to the park, I still felt the need to go somewhere. So, that is exactly what I did…I went to a local resort, got a message, ordered a delicious meal…and spent time with myself…and out of town guests (whom I might ad were so delightful and we shared a couple of hours enjoying one another’s company by the pool:) It was a lovely day! And I will remember to do this much more often…next time, before I get to the point I feel like I need to run away;)

    -Namaste Yogi Certified! And congrats~Kali Ray Torres

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