Goodbye Colorado

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. I said goodbye to many people whom I love and to the town I’ve called home for almost 6 years. I feel an immense gratitude for every moment, every relationship, every hardship and every wonder that has occurred in these 6 years. It is these seemingly disconnected events that have made this journey possible. As I sit on this plane flying to Florida barely holding myself together, the only thing that prevents me from immediately turning around and returning home is that trust that I discussed several weeks ago. Trust that I am listening to my soul’s direction, trust in the love that our universe revolves around and the great unknown of every moment.

My life has found me crossing this threshold before – leaving Syracuse for London, returning from London after a year of discovering myself and new relationships, and most recently my move to Colorado from Pittsburgh, 6 years ago thrusting myself into that same unknown and leaving so much behind. There is one aspect of this departure that stands out significantly compared to the others.  That is that I anticipate returning. Boulder is the first place that I truly can call home since leaving my hometown many years ago. Of course I cannot say this with absolute certainty, but those of you who have lived here and even visited can understand the effect this place has had on me.

I am grateful to all of you: to my very best friends, my family, to those I’ve only recently met and for everyone who has influenced my life, from near and far. This blog will serve many purposes, but as far as I’m concerned, its primary purpose is to take everyone with me, if only for a few minutes a day.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Colorado

  1. Best wishes on your travels, Keith. You picked a great time to follow your spirit, though come to think of it, it’s always the right time for that.

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