Has anyone seen my mobile?

Two nights ago I left my cell phone on the metro. I panicked for about 3 minutes before remembering that we were planning on parting ways in two days anyway. There will be no cell phone on this journey- only e-mail and Skype where I can find WiFi. Just like my weekend stranded in Winter Park several months ago, I find myself not within everyone’s immediate reach. Its funny how that is actually more frustrating for other people than one’s self. There is this liberating feeling of being disconnected, unreachable at every instant of the day. I have to plan ahead, commit to being places at a designated time and cannot flake or change plans on a whim. I’m not distracted with text messages or constant vibrations of new e-mails. Of course there are two sides of this coin– I know there will be plenty of moments when I wish I could just quickly pull a device out of my pocket and make that phone call. But its time for me to experiment in my life without one. I actually believe I subconsciously left my phone on the train on purpose. I had already lost the psychological affinity to it and the physical affinity was sure to follow.

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