Where are all of the Photos??

Quick update – So far the Internet has been horrible in Laos (think 14.4 dialup modem days), and its been nearly impossible to get online for anything more than basic web-surfing. Last night we spent 4 hours at an Internet cafe in Luang Prabang trying to book a train back to Thailand and looking into possible flights for our next destination…something that should have taken 20 minutes. I’ll try to post a few photos with each blog entry but likely I won’t get another set out until next week when I’m back in Thailand, sorry!

Tonight we’re in a small town called Nong Khiaw, taking a boat up to Muang Ngoi Neua tomorrow. Lonely Planet describes Muang Ngoi Neua with: “Watching the sun set between the jagged karsts you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a silkscreen painting.” We shall see. No roads, only boats and pedestrian paths.  Not a bad place to spend the big 3-0…

4 thoughts on “Where are all of the Photos??

  1. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY KEITH!! I sent you a few e-cards, but I guess you’ll be getting them late :(. I hope you have a Fantastic 30th!! Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Keith, I hope you had a great birthday! I’ve been thinking of you, and have enjoyed keeping up with your travels. Take care and enjoy the journey!


  3. Mac, how you do amaze. Tho I’ve been following the whole trip, my 1st incl to write was finding it was your 30th b’day..? Either way, sending some good energy your way & wanted to say Leslie is marvelling at your decision, enjoying it every step. As, of course, am i. Best, Jon

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