China Photos

I have to say I am a little disappointed in my photography as of late; you can only take so many photos of landscapes and mountains and clouds. The real shots are the ones of people, those brief moments passing people in the street or watching people at work. I will occasionally ask if I can take a photo, but people often say no because of a superstition around their soul being stolen or simply feeling uncomfortable about it. Those faces, the ones that I can only imagine contain such an amazing story, are the ones that I will just have to burn into memory.

I am unable to post my slideshows directly on the blog due to the China firewall, but I have added two new albums that you can get to through my Picasa account:

They are titled Thailand and Laos and Southwest China 3. Enjoy.

One thought on “China Photos

  1. simply phenomenal. With landscape/work shots like that, it works. Ususally I’m not a fan of landscapy shots and prefer people shots, but holy hell, good work.
    I really like the STD shirt.

    Your journey continues to inspire.

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