Update from Annapurna

Hi Everyone. I haven’t been on a computer in almost 16 days which must be the longest amount of time since I was 11!  My trek has been amazing. I safely navigated the 18,000 foot Thorung-la pass despite an early season snowstorm and frigid weather. I’m hiking with a great group of people and we’re now on our way out, crossing through citrus fields and rice farms, reminding ourselves to turn around and look at peaks behind us. I’m in great health, enjoying the slow pace of hiking, staying at tea houses and appreciating the cultural aspects of this region. Its also been an incredible opportunity for reflection, digging into some subtle aspects of being that require patience and stillness.  I hope everyone at home is enjoying the relaxing Thanksgiving holiday – cheers!

3 thoughts on “Update from Annapurna

  1. Hey Keith

    Glade you have been enjoying Annapurna … keep enjoying your trip, because now you have the time for reflection and just living a day in a time … I must say the last i miss the most being home again.

    Are you planning to go Lumbini, let me know …

    Enjoy en hope the read/hear from you soon.


  2. Glad to hear you made the trek safely Keith, and that your non-digital life has been a rewarding one.

    I’ll eat a little extra Turduken in your honor 😉

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