Blogging Drought

For some reason, I just can’t finish a blog entry. I have several started and almost finished, including Nepal and the Annapurna circuit, Kathmandu, Tibet (over 6 weeks ago!), and now, India. I’m not sure what it is exactly – I think the knowledge that I will be home in less than a week pressures me to be out doing something rather than sitting with my face in the laptop. My other excuse is that that I’ve found it very difficult to find comfortable, quiet places to write in Nepal and India. A positive to this delay is that completing these entries once IMG_4281home will allow this portion of my trip to live a little longer as I revisit them. OK, enough with the lame excuses, the truth is I haven’t had  clarity to write my more meaningful entries, those involving the self. I have been exploring some very subtle aspects recently around my past and my ego. The simple concept of “To be or Not to be” has been occupying a lot of space – can I exist in this world without the desire to become anything? What does that look like? My ego desires are rooted in this concept of becoming, even when they are directed towards loftier ends. How does one separate ambition from energy or vitality? Questions, questions, questions. A more recent focus has been around my first two chakras, root and sacral, as time and time again, body and energy workers have confirmed that they are disconnected and not functioning as they should. Yesterday I experimented with a Korean method called Su Jok, where the therapist found my sacral chakra blocked. No surprise! In addition to my own psychological and spiritual work around these, how can I exist materially in this world (career, actions, hobbies) to improve the Kundalini flow in my chakras? Kundalini is Hindi for "sacred transformative energy that awakens consciousness".  Examples from self proclaimed Internet Gurus (my most recent Google search) on grounding and opening the root chakra include things like touching the soil every day, having red flowers in the home (red is the color associated with the chakra and mother earth), anything that involves the use of muscles, raw love-making, walking barefoot and eating food that comes from the ground. Let the experimenting begin.

Really, this was just an excuse to connect with everyone, letting people know that I am well, enjoying my final days and am really looking forward to continuing this conversation at home. My next update will likely be from Boulder – Namaste!

One thought on “Blogging Drought

  1. Hey Keith,

    I wish you a very safe trip home … enjoy seeing your friends and family again!
    I know the feeling and believe me after a week home I think you will be again in the mood of thinking and searching … If you want some good books to read about the kundalini i can give you some titels.
    Keep the good vibes and energy …

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