New Crestone Mountain Zen Center Website

Does a website plug count as a blog entry? Probably not 🙂 Well, over the past few months a small group of us slowly baked the new website. As Roshi stated when he saw it: “It feels like someone invited you into their nice home but isn’t trying to sell you anything”.  This is exactly what we were going for.  The center has a long history of not marketing or self-aggrandizing, yet we wanted something that was modern and a nice introduction to the center for new visitors.  We’ve stepped into this century with the ability to accept credit card payments for events.

Please comment with your feedback, suggestions or ideas for improvement. Good or bad!


For the techies out there, the website is built on WordPress 3.0.5 and Thesis 1.8 Framework.  We paid $87 for Thesis and $40 for an event manager plugin. Outside of this, all the software used on the website is free.  I highly recommend Thesis on WordPress for anyone looking to get a website up and quickly. I only had to write a few hundred lines of css to customize the site – most customization is managed by Thesis and freely available plugins.

You can check it out here.  Why not register for the next seminar while you’re visiting?

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