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Its late summer and I find myself in Boulder, with no intention of leaving anytime soon. In May 2011 I traveled to Thailand, and in the 15 months between then and now, I’ve had a lifetime of experiences – living in a Zen Monastery, traveling, falling in love to name a few. The details of which will all emerge slowly.

Today I simply want to explore my intention to make writing a focus of my life again, to continue a conversation that I think is worth having and sharing with others. I plan to begin as I left off, writing about personal experiences, sharing with those close to me and those who for better or worse stumble upon my blog. I do have longer-term ambitions to widen the conversation, to dive much deeper into topics such as meditation, masculinity, relationships and personal finance. Yet for now, I simply want to dust the cobwebs off of my keyboard and see if my passion for blogging is still there.

I’ve by no means stopped writing- I have filled several notebooks with personal reflections this past year. Living in the Zen Monastery, with limited access to the Internet and a specific focus on turning away from the world, it made good sense to put blogging on hold.  Additionally, many of my experiences this past year have been intensely personal and often quite subtle. These experiences are hard to articulate and frankly I’m not sure how interesting they would be to others. Yet, it is exactly in the effort of articulation that I feel most invigorated, most connected to that which is most important to me.  So here I go again.

Let’s have some fun. 

I’m not afraid to die, I’m afraid I haven’t lived enough. It should be written on every school chalkboard, ‘Life is a playground or nothing.’  ~Mr. Nobody (2009)

4 thoughts on “Return to Blogging

  1. You do not know me, but I have read your blog start to finish, and you are one of the reasons I quit my job last year and began to live life in a different way. I traveled to SE Asia this past January, returned to the states in June, then off to Oregon, where my spirit is being transformed. Glad to see you are back to sharing your writing, I will be reading, and learning from you….

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