Right Under my Nose!

I am winding down my time at Lake Atitlan, spending my final days in this magical, mythical and mysterious land. Two weeks ago, as I sat through illness and mild depression, I could not imagine this time coming soon enough. But now I feel like putting the brakes on, extending my time, and slowing down to take in the people and the places that I very much appreciate. I may be back; I may not. But, I most likely will be. I have always noticed how the appreciation of a place increases once I am away from it.

Today marks the 12th day my right ear has been blocked since the illness I contracted at the beginning of the year. It has added an extra layer of challenge to the last two weeks. Finally, after the body gained strength and energy, a friendly omicron leftover invited me to lean into a (hopefully) temporary disability to navigate, leading an event that deeply depended on my listening and speaking skills. With no success, I’ve attempted ALL of the methods to unblock this ear known to mankind and the internet. I have seen a doctor who diagnosed an infection and gave me antibiotic drops, which have also been futile. Continuing to cross my fingers that the pressure will relax before flying in two days.

Amid this rather significant impairment, I facilitated and led an Authentic Relating Training for 20 people. It was the culmination of a lot of hard work: marketing, following leads, promotional events, working with a challenging venue, etc. However, once the event began, I found myself slowing down, relaxing, and doing what I love – being with others and helping and teaching them tools to be more with themselves and others. With the blocked ear, I felt like I was speaking underwater. I had no idea how loud I was talking and found it took extended effort to stay focused. Fortunately, I was with my trusted co-lead, Ash, who helped ensure nothing was missed.

I guess everything above is a preamble for what I want to speak about today: A recent dissonance that has appeared in my awareness around my purpose and meaningful place in the world. I have had the good fortune of hosting a weekly brothers circle here in San Marcos the past two months, full of rich harvests and insights and a space of healing for many of the men, myself included. Yesterday we ranged in age from 20 to 65 and spent a good portion of the circle sincerely inquiring into each man to level him up in a specific area of life that he was struggling with. For one man, it was faith in light of a terminal illness. For another, his leadership in his intimate relationship, my inner conflict between what I have found deeply satisfying recently and my pre-existing story of what success is supposed to look like. Let me unpack this:

Recently, or more or less for the past three years, I’ve been contemplating, exploring, considering my purpose in the world, my search for meaning, which has shown up as a repeated theme on my blog. I now notice that I may have been missing something directly under my nose. The pain of not feeling on-purpose is due to this fixed idea of what being ‘on-purpose’ is supposed to look like: a pre-defined notion of what being satisfied in my purpose is. My ego wrestles with and opposes the idea that being on purpose might look very different than what it has gripped for so long: success in the masculine sense: having a significant impact, owning a brand or center, being in the limelight, earning fist loads of money changing the world.

When I measure my last couple of years against this idea of success, no wonder I feel like I have fallen short! Being diagnosed with cancer in the middle of a pandemic and spending most of my energy healing myself and nourishing my relationships and emotional intelligence – what a tremendous waste of time (from that vantage point)! But wait a minute – maybe there is something here that I have been missing? What have I discovered, developed, and nourished these past two years? One-one relating, small group interactions, esoteric body-mind-spirit practices, nature, deep healing, sensemaking, poetry, and mysticism.

But what if, just what if…the purpose of this leadership was in these inner realms, in the more feminine aspects of leadership: empathetic, intuitive, passionate, collaborative, instinctual, versus the more traditional masculine individualistic, analytical, decisive, independent, and logical?

Leadership in community, service and teaching are clearly part of my calling and path. However, I realize that while my WHY is clear, I may have been envisioning the wrong HOW and WHAT. As I transition away from Guatemala, returning to Colorado briefly before heading abroad again, I will ponder this possibility and continue to allow my lived experience to challenge my old stories and beliefs. Let’s see what unfolds next. Thanks for being with me.

Keith’s RTW Packing List

Over the years as I’ve traveled the world and backpacked the Rocky Mountains, I’ve slowly been improving the quality and decreasing the weight of the things I carry with me. Many before me have spent a lot of time sharing their own experiences. In a minor effort to give back, I’ve detailed the gear that I am taking on my trip and have created a checklist for the aspiring Round the World traveler.  This will also serve as my own reference for future trips. IMG_0014This is a living list, and will change as I go. Obviously starting my trip in the summer in Japan and Southeast Asia has allowed me to pack lighter than I would if I was traveling to Europe in the winter. I’ve also decided to leave the majority of camping gear at home such as a sleeping bag, tarp and stove. My hope is that I will be able to rent or purchase them when I’m in a region where I really expect to be sleeping outside. The grand total of my pack falls between 20-25 pounds based on what I’m wearing and how much food/water/books I am carrying.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or feedback from your own experience!

Clothing (Wearing):

Wicking T-shirt Sugoi Basic T 4.9
Polo Shirt REI Mojave Polo 7.9
Trekking Pants North Face Autumn Trekker 11.4
Boxers EXOfficio 2.6
Socks Backcountry Cocona 1.2
Trekking Shoes North Face Vindicator + Superfeet 34
Hat North Face Hat 2.1
Watch Timex Expedition .9
Total: 65.0 ounces

In the Pack:


Long Sleeve Shirt REI Mojave Tech 8.8
Quick Dry Shorts Sherpa Adventure 11.4
Jeans Guess 20.6
Cotton T Gap 6.0
Quick Dry T Champion C9 4.1
Boxers (2) EXOfficio 5.2
Wool Socks Smartwool PhD 3.0
Wicking Socks Backcountry Cocona 1.2
Swimsuit Nike 4.7
Rain Jacket Marmot Precip 11.7
Wind / Fleece Jacket Marmot DriClime 9.6
Flip Flops North Face Base Camp 15.2
Bandana .8
Total: 102.3 ounces

Packs and Cases:

Travel Pack Osprey Stratos 40 50
Pack Cover Equinox Ultralite 2.5
Security PacSafe 85 18.7
Draw-String Day Pack Adidas 2.8
Waterproof Stuff sacks (4) AlokSak 1.8
Zip-Locks/Garbage bags/Stuff Sacks 3
Camera case LowePro Ridge 10 2.7
Laptop Case Neoprene Sleeve 3.1
Total: 84.6 ounces


Laptop Samsung NC10 58.5
MP3 Player iPod Touch 4.4
GPS Geko 301 3.3
Camera Canon SD780is 4.4
USB Thumb Drive 1
USB Wires/Chargers 9.2
Total: 80.8 ounces

Travel Gear:

Sunglasses Rudy Project Zyon 1.4
Sunglass Case 2.7
Headlamp Petzel Tikka Plus 2.7
Water Bladder Platypus Big Zip 2L 5.7
Binoculars Burton Scope 2.3
Quick-Dry Towel Sea to Summit DryLite 5.6
Silk Sleep Sheet Sea to Summit Liner 5.7
Master Lock 2
First Aid / Repair 6.3
Toiletries/Rx’s 23
Snacks Cliffbars/EmergenC 13
Travel Documents 5.4
Total 75.8 ounces


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